“Trumpcare” And How The Election Impacts You This Year

First and foremost let’s be very clear about the following disclosure: this website, Trumpcare.com, is not owned by, controlled by, or associated with any government agency or organization. It is also not connected to President-Elect Trump or any company he owns or has an interest in.

This website is owned by and published by Health Network Group, a private company. We provide Americans with factual information about health insurance and our goal is to help simplify healthcare so it is much less complicated for everyone.

So why do we own Trumpcare.com? First of all, “Trumpcare” is simply a slang term for whatever President-Elect Trump decides to base his healthcare reform plan around, just like “Obamacare” is the slang term for The Affordable Care Act and “Hillarycare” was the term used to describe Hillary’s plan.

We care about our fellow Americans and we care about the health insurance industry, so this is simply an extra step we are taking to reach and protect as many American consumers as possible. For what it’s worth, we also acquired Hillarycare.com and Berniecare.com long before the election was over simply because we like to be prepared for anything. 

Health Network Group is a private company that helps more than 15 million American households each year avoid the pitfalls that often await them when they’re trying to sign up for health insurance.

What are these pitfalls? Well, have you ever had that experience where you submit your information on an online form because you are expecting price quote information, and instead of getting actual information, you just get bombarded with unsolicited phone calls? We have and it’s horrible, so we DO NOT do that! HealthNetwork helps protect consumers from finding themselves in that position. As a company, we help individuals get enrolled in a health insurance plan with a reputable and licensed health insurance professional. Health insurance is a very confusing product and trying to figure things out on your own can be very challenging. That’s why tens of millions of Americans a year turn to us to help them get connected to someone who is licensed, reputable and who will be accountable for their actions.

For millions of people simply using the government exchange website to sign up for health insurance is fine. For millions more, they would like to be able to get assistance from a licensed and knowledgeable person — a human being who actually cares — someone who will listen to their specific requirements and help them make a good decision about their health insurance. No one wants to shop for health insurance. It’s definitely not fun. It’s confusing and political and, let’s be honest, we all just want to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. But even after President-Elect Trump is inaugurated, the requirement to get health insurance doesn’t go away, so this is simply something we have to do.

There are just some things that a government website can not do, and that’s why HealthNetwork exists.

Our service has been described by journalists and others within the health insurance industry as a “consumer reports for health insurance” or an “Angie’s List for health insurance”. Basically what this means, is that we’re watching out for Americans and helping them in a very complicated time with respect to their healthcare.

Why Did We Ask You To Come To Trumpcare.com?

Each year, millions of Americans have questions about their health insurance options when it comes time to enroll or renew a policy. Each year there is also a lot of confusion about Obamacare and what a person is, by law, required to do. And unfortunately, each year there are also a lot of very busy “shady” call centers and scammers, who try to take advantage of people by spreading misinformation or just outright lying about plan benefits and healthcare options in order to make the most money.

In the last couple of weeks, we have received thousands of emails and calls from people who want to report on the latest lies being spread by scammers about their health insurance options for this year. Many are trying to take advantage of Americans simply because of the elections outcome.

In response to all of the misinformation being spread around, we wanted to provide you with some facts about your health insurance options for this year and what impact the election has on your requirement to have health insurance for 2017. The following are some of the most common questions we have received.

FAQ About Health Insurance Enrollment For 2017

Question #1

Q: President Elect Trump has stated that he will repeal and replace Obamacare immediately if elected. Does that mean I do not need to have health insurance for 2017?

A: The outcome of the election will not have an impact on your requirement to have health insurance coverage for 2017. President-Elect Trump and his administration has made it clear that they do in fact plan to repeal and replace “Obamacare” with an alternative. This alternative however will not be ready for some time. Currently estimates range from a minimum of one year, up to three years, before an alternative is available. The reason for this is simply because the time required to create an alternative, and most importantly get insurance carriers to participate, is significant. Health Insurance Carriers are well known for being very slow-moving companies. Creating an alternative plan to Obamacare is complicated enough, implementing that plan is where things get very even more difficult and time-consuming.

So let us be very clear, you will still be required to have health insurance for all of 2017. And until someone in the administration says otherwise, you will still face the tax penalty if you do not have health insurance in 2017. You must sign up by December 15th if you want coverage starting on January 1st, 2017. The absolute last day for you to enroll is January 31st, 2017. However, we STRONGLY advise that you do not wait until the deadline to enroll. It will be very difficult to enroll without waiting on hold for hours from January 25 th to January 31st.

Question #2

Q: I was told by a sales person on the phone that there are “short term health insurance plans” also called Trumpcare plans, that are a replacement for Obamacare plans. Specifically I was told that if I sign up for a “short term plan” or “Trumpcare” and add some supplemental insurance to my policy, that I will not have to pay the tax penalty, and it will be less expensive than Obamacare.

A: This is 100% bogus. Although short term health insurance plans can be an alternative to an Obamacare plans, or major medical health plan, it does not comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Short term plans are meant to be used for up to 3 months, that’s it. They do not exempt you from the tax penalty. No matter what supplemental product you add on you will have to pay the tax penalty with a short term health plan. Additionally, if you have a pre-existing condition or you are pregnant you will not qualify for a short term health insurance plan. Unlike major medical coverage that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act, short term plans do not have to cover you if you have a pre-existing condition. Also, there are no “Trumpcare” plans. If someone tries to tell you otherwise HANG UP THE PHONE.

Question #3

Q: I live in California and I was told that I am not required to have an Obamacare plan because California has a state exchange.

A: We have heard this same thing for just about every state in the U.S., not just the states with their own exchanges. It is true that some states run their own state exchange websites and do not rely on Healthcare.gov, but what is not true is that you don’t have to comply with the laws established by the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, if you live in one of those states. No state is exempt from the law and this is, again, an example of a lie being told by shady sales people.

Question #4

Q: I was considering buying a health insurance plan from someone who contacted me over the phone. However, when I asked them if they were a licensed health insurance agent, they said that they are not actually required to disclose that information and that for security reasons they cannot disclose that information. Is this true?

A: This is 100% false. In order for someone to be able to enroll you in a health insurance plan, they have to be a licensed health insurance professional, which means they are an agent or broker. If someone does not want to provide you with their licensing information or provide you with information regarding the company they work for, that is a huge red flag and you should immediately hang up the phone. In order to enroll in a major medical health insurance plan, you will have to provide your social security number. You do not want to provide your social security number to someone who is not a licensed health insurance professional. It is 100% illegal for any company to allow an unlicensed agent or broker to sell insurance. It is very rare for any legitimate company to have anyone who is not licensed assist a consumer, let alone enroll them in a health insurance plan. When companies do this, they will often to subject to massive fines and penalties. One company, in fact, just settled with the State of California for a record $7 Million fine for doing this very thing. If someone refuses to provide you with their credentials and/or information about their company, you should hang up the phone immediately.

Why It Is Imperative That You Still Enroll In A Health Insurance Plan No Later Than January 31st, 2017 Despite The Results Of The Election

Our concern for consumers is the following. While there is still no official statement on what President-Elect Trump will do once he is sworn into office on January 20th, 2017 regarding Obamacare, we want to strongly caution Americans that there realistically can not be any kind of alternative put in place in time for the Enrollment Deadline on January 31st, 2017.

Insurance carriers require a significant amount of planning time in order to formulate and price plans in order to make them available to consumers in their respective states. Historically this planning process is done 18 to 24 months in advance. There is ZERO chance any kind of alternative will be available on January 20th when Trump takes office.

Leaders within the GOP have stated this, insurance carriers have stated this, and industry experts all agree that with respect to this enrollment year, nothing will change. Obamacare will remain in place until there is a viable alternative to replace it with.

If you would like to research your health insurance options, please call the toll free number or link below for the 2017 Healthcare Plan Finder.