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This website is dedicated to providing consumers with factual, unbiased information about the healthcare reform plan being proposed by President Donald J. Trump and his administration. This website is not connected in any way to any political figure, group, PAC or any other type of entity that has a political agenda or affiliation. All of the information provided within this website will be sourced from publicly available information. In some cases that information will come from President Trump’s official website. When this website references a statement made by another individual, such as a reporter or another public figure, we will always include a link and citation.

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We do not share any personal opinions on President Donald J. Trump’s views on healthcare reform or any other policy held by President Trump or any other presidential candidate. The entire purpose of this website is to simply give individuals an easy-to-access, centralized resource to find factual information on President Donald J. Trump’s positions on healthcare reform.

Please note that we will not allow any politically motivated individuals or organizations, such as President Donald J. Trump himself or a PAC to influence the content contained within this site.

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If you are a reporter, editor and or are associated with a news organization and you wish to have news content syndicated on Trumpcare.com feel free to reach out to us directly. If you are an actual news organization and not a biased political news site or a website focused on political satire, we will certainly be willing to respect your request for inclusion and give it serious consideration. You can reach us through the Contact Page.

Questions About Advertising Or Purchasing This Website

Please do not contact us about advertising on this website. While we appreciate your time and consideration, we ask that you respect our wishes by not wasting your time or ours with unsolicited emails. We also ask that you not contact us with questions regarding whether or not this website is available for sale. It is not for sale. Contrary to the popular adage that “everything has its price,” this website is not one such example. This website was not launched for financial gain, but to simply provide consumers with factual information.  This website is and will continue to remain an unbiased resource of information for consumers.

Important Update 3/15/2016

We have received several emails from different parties inquiring about purchasing this website, or redirecting it to another website. Moving forward, any emails we receive with questions about purchasing the website, or redirecting it to a political website will be published below. Again we stress that this website is not available for sale, nor will we ever offer any advertising opportunities. This website is a public resource for information.

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