10 Essential Health Benefits Under Obamacare – Infographic

These are the ten essential health benefits (EHBS) that are currently in place under the Affordable Care Act, or what is also called Obamacare. President Trump and his administration originally had these ten essential health benefits included in the originally released version of the AHCA bill, or what is also being referred to as “Trumpcare”. It was not until the Trump Administration felt pressure from the House Freedom Caucus to remove these essential and popular health benefits that they were ultimately removed in an updated version of the bill.

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10 Essential Health Benefits Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

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1) Ambulatory Care
Ambulatory care covers treatments that you receive without being admitted to the hospital. It’s also called “outpatient services.”
2) Emergency Care
Emergency services include care or treatment that you receive in an emergency situation, regardless of whether you’re hospitalized.
3) Hospitalization
This covers care related to hospital stays, including surgeries, overnight stays and other related situations.
4) Maternity Care
Women receive pregnancy and maternity services before, during and after birth. Newborn babies are also covered.
5) Mental Health Care
Mental health care includes behavioral health treatments, substance abuse treatment, counseling and other related 6 services
6) Prescriptions
The ACA requires insurers to cover prescriptions, including one-time drugs and chronic medications.
7) Rehabilitative Care
This includes rehabilitative care (and equipment) for people with chronic problems, injury-related issues, and disabilities.
8) Lab Services
Laboratory services, including routine blood draws and non- routine testing, are covered by insurers under Obamacare.
9) Preventive Care
Preventive care includes wellness checkups and screenings for health problems, as well as chronic disease management.
10) Pediatric Services
Pediatric care is covered under the ACA, and it includes everything from preventive care to oral and vision coverage.