Trumpcare and Pre-Existing Conditions

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Updated 11/21/2016

President-Elect Donald Trump’s healthcare reform policy, which is called Trumpcare by consumers and the news media, is presently made up of seven different initiatives or components. The very first point of Trump-care according to his website, is that his healthcare reform proposal requires the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is also called, to be repealed. He clearly states he would call on Congress to get this done on day one of his presidency.

Although not specifically outlined in his healthcare proposal, President-Elect Trump has stated during his campaign that he does not believe health insurance carriers should be able to refuse coverage to individuals due to pre-existing conditions. This ban on disqualifying a consumer from a health insurance plan due to a medical condition is one of the core components of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which went into effect in 2013. This specific policy is universally the most popular part of the Affordable Care Act with Americans who are both in favor of and against the ACA. Despite its popularity with consumers, this part is considered one of the most costly elements of Obamacare according to health insurance carriers and independent experts in the health insurance industry. Before the Affordable Care Act went into effect in 2013, an individual could be refused coverage for a vast number of pre-existing conditions.

Contrary to what is believed by millions of consumers who had health insurance prior to the launch of the Affordable Care Act, pre-existing conditions were not limited to life-threatening illnesses or conditions, such as HIV/AIDS or cancer. In some cases very common but manageable diseases like diabetes or hepatitis would often prevent individuals from obtaining coverage. Other examples that would result in an individual losing coverage and or being denied coverage were injuries related to workplace accidents or sports injuries that would require a significant surgery and rehabilitation to resolve. It is clear to see why this part of the present law is so popular with Americans.

Donald J. Trump’s Healthcare Reform Policies & Pre-Existing Conditions

As of March 3, 2016, according to the information provided by President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s official website, it is not entirely clear how his proposed healthcare reform would address the issue of pre-existing conditions despite the fact that in publicly televised debates, Donald J. Trumps has stated that individuals should not be excluded from receiving coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Below are two specific passages from Mr. Trump’s website regarding his position on not allowing individuals with health problems fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. This is the only thing written on Trump’s website presently that we can tie to his position on pre-existing conditions.

From the Opening Statement On His Website:

We will work with Congress to make sure we have a series of reforms ready for implementation that follow free market principles and that will restore economic freedom and certainty to everyone in this country. By following free market principles and working together to create sound public policy that will broaden healthcare access, make healthcare more affordable and improve the quality of the care available to all Americans.

From Point #3 Within His Website:

As we allow the free market to provide insurance coverage opportunities to companies and individuals, we must also make sure that no one slips through the cracks simply because they cannot afford insurance.

It should be noted that President-Elect Trump’s website makes clear that his policies and what is outlined is simply a starting point. As more information becomes available, we will update this website and each policy section in detail.

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