Trump on Medicare

Updated 11/21/16

President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s healthcare reform proposal, which has also been coined by the press as “Trump-care”, does not specifically address his thoughts on the Medicare system. His healthcare reform proposal seems to focus on the Under 65, individual and family market, which is now subject to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. One concept that Trump’s healthcare reform policy does reiterate over and over again, the principles of which would likely apply to Medicare as well, is that the free market principles he uses in business need to be applied to healthcare as well.

Trumpcare And Medicare

Some of these free market principles that he mentions within his healthcare reform outline is that insurance carriers needs to be able to offer plans across state lines. This will promote more competition and more choice for consumers. Although Original Medicare is a federally funded program offered by the government, its private counterpart, Medicare Advantage, is offered by individual carriers, per state. There is currently no expressed indication that Trump would apply this principle of interstate medical policies to the Medicare program; however it could be something he is contemplating.

Another part of Trump’s healthcare reform policy for the under 65 market that he is strongly promoting is the necessity to stop fraud and the financial misuse in the system. This is certainly something that has plagued the Medicare program for many years as well.

Finally, Donald Trump wants to remove restrictions and barriers placed on the pharmaceutical drug market that prohibit consumers from getting access to equally effective but cheaper drugs from overseas. Although Trump does not specifically state whether this principle would be applied to the Medicare Part D plans as well, it seems to also be a good fit considering that this has also been a hot-button topic in recent times.

As previously stated, Donald Trump’s healthcare reform plan, or Trumpcare, does not specifically mention changes he would propose to the Medicare system. As of 11/21/16 his plan only specifically names the under 65 individual and family plan market and the Medicaid and CHIP programs, and does not specifically include or exclude Medicare in the conversation.